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BREAKING NEWS: Brand new nursing home shopping concept has arrived in Denmark

Posted by Mads Søndergaard on

The grocery store "MASO Shop" comes past Tranbjerg Nursing Home, Torvevænget 1, DK-8310 Tranbjerg, Denmark, Saturday August 25th from 15.00-17.30 o’clock, and creates market mood "as in the old days" with its "POP-UP SHOP". Residents and relatives to the nursing home will have a unique opportunity to shop for clothes, jewelry, skin care products, delights, tastings, etc. One wants to experience true southern European market mood combined with the same level of service as the one experienced in the "old days at the merchant shop". Stay tuned by following the news on (Danish) for further info next week (week 34). Happy shopping. More info will follow next week. Best regards