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About bymunk Jewelery


bymunk Jewelery opened December 2018 with the first collection of handmade bracelets. designed and produced in Denmark, Europe.

bymunk Jewelery is jewelry with a focus on depth and proximity.

bymunk Jewelery is jewelry that reflects what is important to you.

bymunk Jewelery is jewelry in stylish Danish design.



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bymunk Jewelery makes bracelets tailored exactly to your arm. The size of the bracelet is measured from the circumference of your wrist and I add 1 cm to fit exactly. If the bracelet is for a gift, we recommend ordering the standard dimensions of 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm.


All bracelets are made from materials that are carefully selected. Both in terms of color choices, sizes, quality and seasonal fashion colors.

Stone and crystals are all genuine.

Silver is always sterling silver.

Gold is always 14K.

The elastic cord is of a strong and durable quality.