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About LaZoy

Exclusive shirts and shirts dresses with a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Since 2005.

Why shirts and shirts dresses?
You must be able to be well-dressed in a feminine, comfortable and easy way.

Shirts and shirts wears a sense of well-being. No other piece of clothing without comparison can do so much for your well-being. The shirt collar signals both well-being, elegance and style consciousness.

My own requirement for clothes has always been: It must be feminine. It must be different, therefore, do not look like anything on the market that is similar to each other. It must be easy to wear and easy to do with and of course ironing. And so, of course, the LaZoy concept became the same!

With a LaZoy shirt or shirt gown you can be sure to feel well-dressed, presentable and elegant. The clothes are always as you should, you should not think about it. And when you get home, you can just throw yourself on the couch without changing first. All the clothes are made of delicious soft elastic fabric, which in no way tightens. When traveling, put the clothes in the bag without worrying about the iron in the hotel room. The clothes must not be ironed.

Grow your individualism
LaZoy is not mainstream and mass production. I make only a few of each model. We are becoming more and more individualists. Maturity is becoming more and more individual. We do not want to go in the same clothes as the neighbor and colleague. We will go in clothes that exactly express the lovely woman we are.

Why focus on sustainability and social responsibility?
You must be able to wear LaZoy clothes with the very best conscience.
It is my responsibility.

The clothing industry pollutes completely unbelievably much. I simply do not want to do that. And it is not necessary at all. You can easily make clothes without burdening our planet or the planet's people and animals.

It is my responsibility as a proprietor of a clothing company that you can wear the very best conscience and know that this piece of LaZoy clothing is produced without burdening our cloak and without the involvement of child labor or other indecent conditions.

I focus on sustainability and social responsibility in the entire value chain:

Long-lasting clothes: I design clothes that are very seasonal so you can wear the clothes most of the year and season after season. The clothes are widely used. You can use the shirts for everything from worn jeans to pencil skirts, and the shirts can be dressed up and down, so spend them both at work and at party. The clothes are of good quality and you can use it for many years. This means that you do not have to buy new clothes so often, so you do not contribute to the totally indecent use and throw away the culture we have in the western world.

Production: I produce exclusively in the EU where I am sure there is no child labor or other irresponsible conditions. I mainly use the B.S.Visvet Sewing System in Hungary:

Fabric: I prefer to buy fabric that has one of the environmental certifications. Of the substances that are not certified, I buy primarily through Danish agents who sell European furniture where there are decent conditions for the employees and not the same chemical abuse as elsewhere. Association of Danish Drug Agents: From autumn 2018 all fabrics like mininmum ØKO-TEX are certified.

Transport: I mainly use Dania Transport, which runs directly without intermediate readings.

Delivery to you: The shipping bag is made of 100% recycled plastic film manufactured at the Danish factory. The bag contains no heavy metals or other naturally occurring substances.
Your invoice is printed on 100% recycled paper.

I'm constantly working to make it even more sustainable and socially responsible!

The woman behind LaZoy - CLOTHING AND MATEMATICS

Ulla Hansen

I grew up in the clothing industry in Herning (Denmark) and graduated from Teko / Via Design, but also studied mathematics, planning and economics at Aarhus University. Two courses that have proven to be quite a perfect combination.

There is a lot of mathematics, especially geometry, in design and model construction. Comparing lines, curves and angles in the clothes with the dimensions of the female body is of great importance to the suit's fit.

Mathematics develops creativity, the ability to think analytically and see complex contexts.
Why creativity: Mathematics evolves the ability to think abstract, ie to imagine things that are not concrete, and mathematics develops the ability of critical thinking, to re-evaluate their own and others' experiences.
This creativity in imagining things that are not concrete and being able to use this imagination to develop something useful on the basis of experience, I use a lot in product development. 

Straighten your back and step in character like the lovely woman you are!

We are all lovely women in every way. Feel like a lovely woman deep inside. If you do, then that's what you radiate what your surroundings see.

The most loving greetings, Ulla Hansen