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About Svane & Lührs

Svane & Lührs is Danish jewelry design since 1983 - and behind the Danish jewelry company Svane & Lührs is married couple Pia Lührs and Claus Svane.


At Svane & Lührs, since 1983 we have designed beautiful, personalized, high quality combination jewelery for women and men - tailored to the needs of each individual customer. Pia is the creative soul of the company and designs all the sweaters from Svane & Lührs - while Claus makes sure you can find your new jewelry on the market.

With each unique strength, the couple has thus created a company that supplies jewelry from the Aarhus office today to selected goldsmith shops, especially Denmark, Norway, Germany and Sweden - but also in other parts of the world. Since 2013 you have also been able to get the jewelery delivered right to the door from the webshop - no matter where in the world you live!

 The cousin Claus & Pia behind Svane & Lührs - Danish jewelry design since 1983!
Claus Svane & Pia Lührs bag Svane & Lührs, formerly Sølvexpressen ApS.


The basic idea behind our jewelry design is that you create your jewelery - by combining and composing the individual jewelery pieces on the cross.

There are endless combination options in our jewelry collections, so you have the opportunity to make a very personal piece of jewelry - down to even the smallest detail. We make the jewelry according to your wishes and when we get your order, the jewelry will suit you. Therefore, for example, we make our popular leather bracelet in the length that suits you - and you choose the lock, silver and model you like.


All our jewelry is made of genuine materials: Sterling silver, skins, freshwater pearls and gemstones - and this combination of jewels gives you a feminine, sparkling and colorful style.

In the collections you will find charms, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and rings embellished with gemstones, freshwater pearls and sparkling cubic zirconia. Each piece of jewelry you can always get in several colors, surfaces and variants, so you can put together a piece of jewel that's right for you!